Apple of the Eye

The things we always dream of, he was living it. Each and every person on this planet has his own version of perfect life but still the life he had was something everyone just dreamt of, maybe only once but it was still a dream to many. A caring wife, loving parents and an adorable one-year-old brat. Life was just the way he had ever wanted. He had been a winner since the moment he was born; no one could ever steal his show and he loved the attention he always got for the accomplishments of his life. Now his wife, the girl who was a mother of a kid. Yeah mind my words “girl”, she still looked like a college student. She wasn’t any beauty but that was what that made her distinct – the way she always carried herself, those eyes stuffed with compassion and love for her son, admiration for her husband and respect for the in-laws.
He was a perfect son, father and a husband. Someone you can love with all your heart, mind, body and soul. He loved each and every member of his family with limits to eternity. He was the apple of the eye for everyone. But deep inside his love for his wife was purely eternal and in front her, he was still a child – a child who craved for love, a child who longed for attention. He was much like a child deep down, no matter how much he had accomplished he still wanted attention from people around him. After all, he was the one who made his life picture perfect; he deserved the attention. His son Rudra was a beautiful kid with a lot of mischief within him. Rudra’s mother now had to spend most of her time with Rudra to make sure he was all fit and fine. He was quite unhappy with the fact that his wife wasn’t able to give him much time. The moments he needed her, she was with Rudra. Rudra was clearly ascending that “apple of the eye” throne from his father but being a loving father he was more than happy because of it.
That was the day when he planned a picnic—he, she and Rudra picnic. It was a day well spent, quality time what we call it these days. When they returned in the evening, his wife was too tired to do anything for Rudra so she gave the responsibility to her husband to take care of him. And he accepted the offer with being more than happy. He adjusted Rudra on his shoulder and went to his room to spend some more time with him. The kid was just a pure blessing – eyes so pure, smile so divine he looked as if gods were seeing through eyes. The radiant skin, the glory in the aura; so pure, so serene. That was what he had always wanted – a happy life, settled life but his love for his wife was way beyond that; he just wanted her to be his. He didn’t want her to share with anybody. No one had the right steal the attention on which he claimed every right but with a smile on his face, he thought he is my son after all. He took him to his bed placed him softly on it and started stroking his head gently so that he sleep. After few minutes, Rudra slept.
“No one can steal the attention I deserve. No can share her love for me. Not even you, my baby boy!” he mumbled.
The pillow on the side of the bed was then pressed against that sweet innocent divine face and within few moments, he was in the arms of sleep forever; he was dead.

No one could ascend “the apple of the eye” throne.

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It was my sixteenth birthday everything seemed to be perfectly incredible. The cake was just what I wanted with “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETA” written on it. My mother was the second one to wish me my birthday it was my dad who wished me first.
12 hours before my birthday party the superhero of my world –my dad entered in my room with white lilies in one hand and chocolates in the other. I know it because I wasn’t sleeping I was just pretending to be in the utopia of the dream so that he would wake me up, hug me and then wish me and that was what he did. He came towards sleeping me, leaned a bit and planted a soft fatherly kiss on my forehead then he did something which was extremely cute at least for me. He brought his lips near my ear and whispered, “happy birthday princess”.
Maa came to wish me when I was fully awake.
My birthday party was at my house and it was supposed to start at 6 but due to some bakery confusion, it started at 8. All my friends were there and parents’ friends were there. They were enjoying, the whole atmosphere just seemed to be phenomenal But it still felt like something was missing or maybe I should say someone was missing. Yes! It was Christie whom I was waiting for. It was my sweet sixteen and that moron was still not there. How could she be late? Had she forgotten about me or what..!! Or perhaps she was willing to be slapped, punched or kicked by me! Darkness just fell upon my eyes as these thoughts were flustering my mind and I was pretty sure that those small hands were of Christie. I just turned around and we both shouted out of excitement or rather jumped like monkeys. She was my friend since first grade and was a soul sister to me.
With that, my bundle of joy for that day was complete.
And then I couldn’t wait to cut the cake and have it all over my face.
Things were going so well that day, like never before.
It just seemed to be a perfect day to me. Thanks to my daddy who had done so much for me, everything for me and had actually made me feel like a princess; not only today but always.
Still, the best part about the party was dance and music. As the music was turned on, it felt as if I was so much free, so much myself to groove to those songs. I kept on dancing for more than an hour completely forgetting every other thing. It seemed as if my world was confined to myself and my body couldn’t stop twisting, twirling and shaking the ground until and unless I had started panting badly. It felt as if I had come back to the real world from another world. I was out of the euphoria and all I wanted at that moment was a glass of water. It took almost ten minutes when my brain noticed that Christie hadn’t come yet …what the hell…!! Such a slow girl is my best friend but I didn’t bother to go and find her. I was too tired to do that so I just sat on the sofa and slowly with each passing second my eyelids started to feel heavy and I dozed off.
Hell..!! I I slept for an hour and yet there was no sign of Christie in the entire party and that was making me feel angry that sweet little bitch should be here but she wasn’t. How can anyone take so long just to fetch a glass of water? I just wanted to punch her right on her face. I needed to find her. I went to the kitchen but she wasn’t there. so I asked maa about her she told me that Christie went upstairs almost and an hour back. She also told me that dad and Christie were planning a surprise.
I wasn’t able to believe that such fun things were going to happen on my birthday. I ran like a mad dog. God, I was hell tired still I ran only for her or maybe for that surprise.
I just flashed u through the door of my room.
I screamed and this was not screams of joy the sight in front of me sent cold shivers through my spine and the floodgates of my eyes were shattered. With my blurred vision, I saw a piece of paper lying next to my bed. With trembling hands, I picked it up and too scared to read it, I unfolded the piece of paper. It was somewhat crumpled and there were patches of scattered ink on the words. Wiping off those tears, I read it. after that my life changed completely my skin started to crawl I wanted my soul to leave my body. The note stated
“your father raped me”
The girl who once was my sister was now hanging by the fan with clothes torn apart scratches all over the body.
She was dead
Christie was dead
Father killed her
My father killed her
Father raped her
My father raped her…

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Dear Diary,

“I’m going to my bed.”, cried an innocent figure and he stepped in a dark room. He didn’t even bother to turn on the lights. He went straight to the balcony and started gazing at the moon so asto share his secret with the moon. Even the moon seemed to listen to him with utmost interest. It was his daily routine.All day he would wander here and there, all alone,and at night he would come here to have a chit chat with the moon. He had no friends. He never talked to anyone. He seemed to live in his own world, And..he came back to his room, sat on the study. He lit the table lamp and opened a diary.He started,

“Dear diary

Another night in this fractious heat..with the lights turned off..and I’ve put my pen on the paper.Jotting down the tale won’t heal the wounds but it would surely lessen the pain..the grief.I love this darkness..this silence.At least, it doesn’t mock me..doesn’t scare me..and…it doesn’t leave me.They say,”Stay away from him, he is a spoilt blood.” “Just ask him how many fathers does he have?” God damn it!Why are these people so obsessed with my blood, my father and me?Some random guy today said,”I’ll fuck your mom” and…I didn’t feel bad.because..Everyone does.I see her crying herself to sleep…sometimes when she’s at home…but they don’t. I see the painful scars on her neck…they don’t.I see her heart…they don’t.They just see the desperate demons and her unwilling sacrifice…Going to sleep..hope not to wake up tomorrow.Good night!!”

The next morning Ravi heard his mother talking over the phone,”Not at home sir, please.I beg of you, please.”

He went to the dining table and his mother came.”Dare you come out of your room today!””Are they coming again?””Do I have to give you explanations for every next thing I do?Do as I command, you get it?” and she forced him to his room.Ravi sobbed but not a tearfell from his eyes.After few minutes he heard a man groaning,”I asked you come last night, didn’t I?””I’m sorry sir,but..””You bloody whore…”, he shrieked and banged a glass on the floor.Then came the mourns and screams of Ravi’s mother.Now, he couldn’t resist himself.He went outside and fell to the devil’s feet”Please don’t do it, sir”.The brutal beast kicked him off and took out a gun from his pocket.He aimed the gun at Ravi..but..Ravi didn’t care.Death didn’t scare him…life did.He caught the hold of glass lying beside him and threw it to the man.To his misfortune, he missed it. Agony overdid the drunkard and the gun roared on his behalf. She was there…yeah..on the floor lying cold and lifeless.The bullet tore her apart to have a lodgingin her heart.Ravi felt a surge of adrenaline.But he didn’t cry…She tried to give him a life..she ended up killing himShe tried to die…she ended up living in Ravi’s heart….forever…

“Dear Diary,Neither the tears,nor the fears;Neither the worries,nor memories;are left…as she is the one who left…It’s me who killed her;and it’s she who killed me..I hate her for saving me;I hate her for leaving me;I hate her for the love she gave;I hate her,for she has left me to crave;I hate her for not coming back;I hate her for everything we had;I just hate her…for she is no more…..”…..and he burst into tears.

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