Crawling my way through the thick bushes

I came to a halt

And there it was; the past.

I see you there draped in your favorite contrasting colors


Was it joke I had told you some days before or was the air responsible for those carefree giggles?

I see you happy and find myself content

Never was I so stable and sane but then you were a happy kitten making me smile,

Not a smirk but a smile.

Then there is a lake behind those thick bushes, a lake with water so BLUE

It must have been the PRESENT.

Crossing over the blue lake of present is tough but I know some day

It would just dry itself.

Oh!! There it is, the dark cave.

I go deeper and deeper into it

I know, now you don’t even think about me

You must have found someone who knows you better than I do

But tell the truth, wasn’t I there for you whenever you needed me

Ah! Such a shame I still am in the past but no that can’t be true. I am in the cave going deeper and deeper

FIRE!! And then I realized it was the darkness of the future

The fire was my eccentricity caused by the ignorance in the lakes of blues

Yes, its you

Fire is calling me

I smell freshly burnt flesh

Why am I not feeling my feet

Blood is oozing in a weird sort way

Time has come

Lust has become true

Oh I am burning

I am smelling my own meat being roasted

Every vein in my body seems to be filled with magma

Melting me down

But my eyes

They still see you .

Wake me up

Grab my hand

Touch my lips

Feel my breath

It’s my end



Oh!! You knew all this from the start

I was in ashes.

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In Search

A part of me that I loved, went missing.
I searched for it in the dimensions within me,
I searched it in the heaven of the world,
Even in the doom of my soul,
All wasted.

In the tide of my thoughts,
Between the emotions I had,
In eye of whom I loved,
Beyond the horizons of my imagination,
All wasted.

On the avenue of my past,
On the misty trail of my future,
In the redness of my blood,
In the greens of my present,
All wasted.

I found it!
I found it in the salts of my tears,
All the scares and my fears,
I found it what I had lost was never mine.
Nothing wasted.


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The eternal water droplets in the sky

Shine in the night

When the massive white pearl

With an undeniable glory but

Just a spot of sorrow

Remains in its solitude, untouched
Very far away from that civilization

I am on my bed

Trying to stitch the fabric

Which once described who I was

Those dreams got faded in the veils of time
But I m here

I don’t know what, I don’t know how

But god created me

Just to watch how I ruin myself

Destruct every single fiber within me
Once long ago I had the fire

The fire which could have kindled my life

The society which was around me
Now I am here gazing the dark sky

The sky is dark but not negative

Contrasting my thoughts
I want to rise, rise from the ashes of my negative present

But it doesn’t take too long

To get through the fact that

I stand here

Flameless just flameless…

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The festive mood

The festive mood
A festive week
A whole new set of 365 days waiting for us
With hopes in eyes for something better

We forget about very few someones and somewheres
A someone who lost a father
A someone who lost a brother
Someone who lost a husband
But in festive mood we forget

How can we forget?
While I am writing this
While you are reading this
Someone is struggling to calm the fire rising within belly
But in the festive mood we forget

How can we forget?
Somewhere on the other side of the world
Someone is always living on the threshold of life
Where a life is nothing but just a matter of eccentricity
But in the festive mood we forget

How can we forget?
Is the soul within us so shallow
We can’t even give few moment of our life to pray for them
But in festive mood we forget

Close your eyes and introspect
Someone within you is still innocent
Someone within you can’t forget
So raise that someone
I just made You pledge that this time we won’t forget.

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It was just a matter of path
Both were sons of human
But the path taken
One chose a path
A path that ultimately would lead to destruction
A path that would kill the darkness
The path that would destruct the darkness
A religious preacher was what he became
The latter chose a path
A path that would ultimately lead to the unification
A path that would give a life
A life to devil
A path that will unify the sinner
A suicide bomber was what he became……
The paths we choose is the destiny we decide……

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Discover  hell

look at Aleppo burning

innocent souls getting ruined in hell

humanity taking last breaths

discover hell

look at the Aleppo burning

to discover hell you don’t need to do sins

just look at Aleppo.

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I am posting a poem about Aleppo. It pains me to see the humanity dying there. may God bless those souls who died and help the ones alive to face the cruelty. Pray for Aleppo Thanks.

Death of my innocence

Death of my innocence
It was strangled and left to decay
My soul choked
Now my childhood was lying on the grounds of hypocrisy

The night was dark until he came
And then it took the fiercest shade of black
Every touch of his, made my skin crawl
The affectionate smile those chocolates
Just a façade

And what … the age of five
I got to know what the cost was
Of ..
Being a girl
Being innocent

The moment his fingers sneaked under my pants
The only thing I hoped was
God….please wake me up
The tale of assassination of innocence
My mother got to know, I told
You might have seen a bad dream baby, she answered
But the clotted blood between my thighs wasn’t a dream…..

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