From the diaries of a lone stoner.

The diary of a lone stoner

This is me, wait!! Now how can you guys know “who is me”. That’s something called pseudo existentialism. Apart from that this is diary of a lone stoner, that is, again me.

I am starting to write this piece of horse manure just a day before her birthday, and this has no relevance to this diary but still, just stating a fact.

So I am a pessimist and the most important thing for most of us is-death. We love death, we crave for it .we are just so fuckin’ obsessed with death but… but… but… the most amazing part of it, is that we don’t want to die. We are bloody masochists, we adore the venomous pain existence gives. We live a in world full of hatred and loathsome human but there are some decent homosapiens also and they don’t cuss the fuck out of you. Keeping that quality in mind, there is another very interesting fact about these types of breathing stone, they BETRAY. I don’t have any personal experience with them but I know they exist just the way that goddamn god …..Oopps…..that almighty has a “bloody”. Now you guys may be wondering I am atheist or shit like that, no, I am as religious as most of the Indians are we love god but only those which are our owns. So now my fellow inmates of this world, I hope,you got a pretty nice sort of evidence of how this bloodsucking –cockblocking existence is so fucked up.

Enough for today I guess, my buzz is fading away in the distant shores where some unknown tribe is eating the supper with other 7 douchebags of the last supper.

P.s-share you views. Tell me how fucked up is your existence. 😉


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