Crawling my way through the thick bushes

I came to a halt

And there it was; the past.

I see you there draped in your favorite contrasting colors


Was it joke I had told you some days before or was the air responsible for those carefree giggles?

I see you happy and find myself content

Never was I so stable and sane but then you were a happy kitten making me smile,

Not a smirk but a smile.

Then there is a lake behind those thick bushes, a lake with water so BLUE

It must have been the PRESENT.

Crossing over the blue lake of present is tough but I know some day

It would just dry itself.

Oh!! There it is, the dark cave.

I go deeper and deeper into it

I know, now you don’t even think about me

You must have found someone who knows you better than I do

But tell the truth, wasn’t I there for you whenever you needed me

Ah! Such a shame I still am in the past but no that can’t be true. I am in the cave going deeper and deeper

FIRE!! And then I realized it was the darkness of the future

The fire was my eccentricity caused by the ignorance in the lakes of blues

Yes, its you

Fire is calling me

I smell freshly burnt flesh

Why am I not feeling my feet

Blood is oozing in a weird sort way

Time has come

Lust has become true

Oh I am burning

I am smelling my own meat being roasted

Every vein in my body seems to be filled with magma

Melting me down

But my eyes

They still see you .

Wake me up

Grab my hand

Touch my lips

Feel my breath

It’s my end



Oh!! You knew all this from the start

I was in ashes.

p.s- you guys can give title of your own choice in the comment section.

and if you don’t like this, just let me know.


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